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Letting anyone know I'm still not ded.

Haven't done any updates yet, sadly.

All I have are these world ideas... also, I had the idea on makin' 9 worlds. And 9 secret areas with 3 "stars" each. There would be 100 "stars".

And these are the 9 worlds with the themes I found:

1. Grasslands/Forest/Ruins
2. Snow
3. Desert/Temple
4. Mountains/Lava/Cavern
5. Underwater/Beach
6. Manor/Haunted
7. Toyland/Weird World/Circus
8. Wutai (world with Japanese elements)
9. Factory

Right now, I'm sketching down a map of the HUB world, and where to place the locations.

And planned to update Livvie's look, making her, well, either curvier, and decrease/fix some polygons.

EDIT: Also added this here:
[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-daejtcs.png]

[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-daf47sj.png]

Forgot to post this here! Some mansion i'm workin on!
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[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-daf66ky.png]

I has made a sofa! Good for sittin'!

I'm loving it. Keep it up, dude.

the models look pretty cool, i like the style, hopefully you get a proper body replacement one day though lol
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Thanks, you guys!

[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-dafa3lr.png]

I went and resized the whole level, so it can make her look shorter because she's, well a shorty!

[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-dafdzt3.png]

Making this area some books. Lotsa-books! A library!

And finally changed that thread title!

Keep it up, looking great! Big Grin

Here's something:

[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-dafu9y2.png]

The HP's now at the bottom left! As for the others, I already know what to do with them - just previewing the new life HUD. Needs to go a little higher and righter.

Moved the rest here!

[Image: ghostgirl_by_mrpr1993-dafve56.png]

Wasn't sure what to do with the Xs, so I moved them all under the lifebar. And her face's behind the number above the lifebar - might change itno a circle or something. Might as well make a new font soon!

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