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I've noticed a considerable amount ROM hacking fan art floating around the internet, but it doesn't look like there's anywhere to hoard it all!
So, I'm hoping everyone will help us build a glorious collection in this thread!

I'll begin with this amazing SMSR drawing created by Quasmok.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=41]

I'm sure I've also seen fan art of Kaze's Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition on DeviantArt before.

Contributions to this thread which are of adequate quality will earn the user a Super Appeal badge, you must also be the artist to receive this award.
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I made this SMSR wallpaper a while back:

That title screen art touched me at a spritual level.

Happy now Skelux?
[Image: Fan_ART.png]
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[Image: untitled.png]
Whooped up a little something.
Gone for a while.

[Image: OH%2BHEY%2BBROTHER%2521.png]

Just a small "artwork" I did for fun. Made with Colors 3D on my 3DS.
Feel free to use it as long for whatever you like, as you don't claim it as yours. Wink

[Image: np7OcIo.png]
...may change the title over time.
o n e   d a y   w e   w i l l   a l l   b e   t h e   s a m e   e n t i t y   a g a i n .

Super Mario 64 / Star Road Multiplayer!
This time in some very cartoonish style. Merry Christmas!
[Image: bcbac874d5dc2c8acbce430d4222fada.png]
You can see the progress on my YouTube Channel if you're interrested.

A little Origami64 Fanart


Original Pics:
Spoiler :
[Image: NINTENDO64--Paper%20Mario_Apr30%2017_30_16.png]
[Image: mario-kart-64.jpg]
[Image: BowserSM64DS.png]
[Image: Super_mario_64_facts_yt_header.png]
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[Image: bdebae7cba.jpg]

Also heres my Youtube.. I started a Tutorial series on how to make super sexy custom Levels.

[Image: .eJwFwcENwyAMAMBdGAAbQ0HONoggEjXBCBz1UXX...9V6JP_GVgI]
Made 100% in paint. Enjoy, no credit needed Smile
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