Super Mario: Red Star Expedition
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Hello, everyone. Today I present to you my SM64 hack, Super Mario: Red Star Expedition. This is a shorter version of Super Mario: Power Star Expedition (which is a hack that I posted on other sites such as NSMBHD and Kuribo64), as it contains 50 stars instead of 80. I realized that 80 stars would probably be too tough for me, so I made the hack more reasonable. This isn't exactly a new hack, however. It's kind of like SMPSE as it contains some of the levels from that hack. Anyway, more information can be found below, and if you want, you can post some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

- Five brand new main courses and nine brand new secret courses (50 stars in total);
- three new hub worlds;
- some custom objects; and
- new music.

Screenshots (from SketchUp Make 2016)
None of the following screenshots are final.

​Area 2 of Goomba Grasslands
Spoiler :
[Image: 9XIGrJ9.png]           [Image: jnlNpaF.png]

​Sky Jungle Slide
Spoiler :
[Image: vO7X9RD.png]

​King Whomp's Freezing Pond
Spoiler :
[Image: w9hu3zf.png]           [Image: KzoaTcB.png]

​Lava level
Spoiler :
[Image: f42qLoP.png]
​Note: This lava level model will not be used in the final game; I made it merely to show what will be in the final version of the level, so it is basically a proof of concept.

​Stuff for the first hub world
Spoiler :
[Image: vmETB8l.png]

​Bowser's Castle in Space
Spoiler :
[Image: kFctSi2.png]

In-game screenshots

​Area 2 of Goomba Grasslands
Spoiler :
[Image: 96bvnK5.png]           [Image: MO5G2Jo.png]

​King Whomp's Freezing Pond
Spoiler :
[Image: tEw3Sf9.png]           [Image: t0MnhGr.png]

Main courses (names are subject to change)
Course 1: Goomba Grasslands
Course 2: Hot, Hot Desert
Course 3: Spooky Ghost Mansion
Course 4: Playful Candy Land
Course 5: Lava level

Bowser levels (names are subject to change)
King Whomp's Freezing Pond
King Bob-omb's Airship Fleet
Bowser's Castle in Space

Cap levels (names are subject to change)
Vanish Cap Cove
Magma Mine of the Metal Cap
Rainbow Road of the Wing Cap

Secret levels (names are subject to change)
Sky Jungle Slide
Galactic Spaceway
Beach level

I might upload a video soon. Thank you for reading. Smile

Ooh, looks amazing, can't wait to play it, of you want, feel free to stalk my
NSMBHD Profile only if you want to
Signature image and profile icon are of nqrse (a male rapper who's usually depicted drawn as a female)

​Both were drawn by ういち

[Image: nqrse.full.2581473.jpg]

I was initially going to show off this level in the form of a video when I completely finish it, but since I had to switch to SM64 ROM Manager for the model to work in-game, I have some things to get used to. As such, fully completing this model may take a little bit longer than I thought, and I just want to show more progress already. Here are some screenshots of course 2, currently called Goomba Grasslands.

Spoiler :
[Image: HAr7WYO.png]

[Image: HAr7DAX.png]

[Image: HAr77sq.png]

The visual map and collision map are completely done, except for a few bugs that came up. After I fix said bugs, I can start placing objects, and then I can make a video. Also, if you want, leave some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

Looks amazing, love the designs of the levels and the aesthetic touches in the different level themes!

Below are some screenshots of the space level (this course is in its early stages):

Spoiler :
[Image: ToBLTMJ.png]
[Image: nYhFeGy.png]
[Image: TmYjiZF.png]

In the spoiler below are two screenshots of a haunted mansion I just finished making for course 8, Spooky Ghost Mansion.

Spoiler :
[Image: Ak0nEjV.png]

[Image: r0AGI8w.png]

Super Mario: Red Star Expedition
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