Super Mario Odyssey: Superstar Mode R6 Released!
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Superstar Mode aims to introduce insane difficulty to every level, moon, and coin in the entire game.
Updates will be rolled out over the few weeks following release.

Every moon is intended to be possible without taking damage, and without glitches or cheats.

Download R6

​Bug hotfixes:
​Hotfix 1 - fixed final boss escape crash
​Hotfix 2 - fixed missing objects in Wooded Kingdom vertical maze
Hotfix 3 (no download) - find and delete "CityWorldHomeStageMap.szs" in order to fix the moon rock crash in Metro Kingdom
​Hotfix 4 - fixed pot-plant moon names, and removed unintentional tank from act 2

Hotfixes are included with the main download, you only need these if they were added after you installed Superstar Mode.

Setup guide:


Spoiler: Changes
Revision 6 (by Skelux):
*Completed Wooded Kingdom exterior
*Completed Deep Woods
*Removed unintentional shortcuts in levels: SandWorldSphinxEx, ElectricWireEx, CityWorldMainTower, TrampolineWallCatchEx, SandWorldRotateEx, WindBlowEx, SnowWorldHome, MoonWorldCaptureParade
*Removed unintentional shortcuts in kingdoms: Lost Kingdom
*Add Sand Kingdom moon names
*Add sphynx and music puzzles for completed kingdoms
*Slightly slowed down the spinner in Cloud Kingdom boss fight
*Fixed taking damage after breaking moon rock in Sand Kingdom
*Fixed position of seeds in Sand Kingdom
*Various other small changes to Sand Kingdom and its moons
*Fixed the moon names for 'Life Finds a Way' in Sand Kingdom, and the one on the Bound Bowl race track
*Fixed Cookatiel rematch
*Removed custom music
*Removed Luigi from kingdoms for backwards-compatibility
*Removed moons from final boss escape sequence
*I'm watching you play

Revision 5 (by Skelux):
*Removed exefs and SystemMessage.szs which cause version-specific crashes

Revision 4 (by Hamhub7)
*Completed remaining moons in Sand Kingdom
*SandWorldHomeNorthPillar.szs modification by Cosmological
*Included hotfixes to various bugs in r3

Revision 3 (by Skelux):
*Cap, Cascade, Sand, Lake, Lost, Snow, Moon kingdoms are complete (aside from hint art and sphynx puzzles)
*Thanks to Hamhub7 for assisting by copying scenario objects for Moon & Sand Kingdom.
*Minor Dark Side improvements
*Cloud Kingdom battle starts in a place you can't get hit
*Modified a moon in the invisible platform maze (Sand Kingdom) which I forgot about
*Fixed a cheat on the zipper level in Lake Kingdom
*Fixed a moon in the tank elevator (Wooded Kingdom)
*Fixed moving platforms in Cascade Kingdom 2D sub area
*Fixed shortcut in rocket sub-area in Metro Kingdom
*Finished the Luncheon boss rematch
*Fixed chests in Mushroom Kingdom costume stage, plus slightly harder terrain
*Harder Moon cavern boss
*Some custom music (only included ones that don't bug out much)

Revision 2 (by Skelux):
*Fixed some timers accidentally tested in assist mode: Gushen sub-level (Sand Kingdom), Jaxi sub-level (Sand Kingdom), vanishing road (NDC/Dark Side)
*Harder notes moon in Cloud Kingdom
*Harder ending escape
*Fixed+finished the first Mecha Broodle fight
*Included the correct version of the blue-lift stage in Luncheon Kingdom
*Fixed a cheat on the TRex cave level, and TRex chase level

Revision 1 (by Skelux):
*Initial release! Over 150 new level designs, probably around 300 modified Power Moons.
*This release is missing the large exterior areas of most kingdoms, for full playthroughs I recommend waiting for updates.
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Hi there, im having some trouble running this mod. I can start the game perfectly, but how can I know if the "Superstar mod" its running? In game options only shows "normal mode". Is supposed to appear "Superstar mode" isnt it?

Im using SX OS 2.5.2 stable version - Mario Odyssey installed on microSD with update 1.2.0 - Placed "SXOS" folder on microSD root


so i cant get this to load in 1.0. is their anything i should do or do i have to update?

Updated with R4, Sand Kingdom finished by HamHub7.

(28-10-2018, 11:29 AM)Skeletons Wrote: Download R5

Do you have a changelog?

Version R6 is up.

Super Mario Odyssey: Superstar Mode R6 Released!
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