Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Randomizer (Current Version: R12)
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If you don't have data.arc, you can grab it from my Discord server.
See the pins in the smash channel.

If you want to update while you are already playing a randomized game, simply re-randomize using the same seed as before. You can find your seed history in a text document in the 'data' folder.

Spoiler: Changes
Revision 12:
*Fix for SSBU 9.0.2

Revision 11:
*Added the missing files for Galeem+Dharkon fight

Revision 10:
*Ultimate bosses are complete, switch on with the difficulty dropbox

Revision 9:
*Support for SSBU 9.0.1 and all previous versions

Revision 8:
*Fixed world map randomizing for SSBU 7.0.0
*Removed Giga Bowser from randomization in order to fix Classic mode, as temporary solution
*Fixed bugs related to unlocking Kirby

Revision 7:
*Fixed various bugs with randomization
*Fixed jumbling of boss order
*Additional future-proofing for official SSBU updates

Revision 6:
*Fixed final boss
*Fixed certain stages and objects not being skipped during randomization

Revision 5:
*Compatible with data.arc 5.0.0

Revision 4:
*Randomized world map working in 4.0.0

Revision 3:
*Fixed compatibility with data.arc 3.0.0 and earlier

Revision 2:
*Initial release

Revision 1:
*Patreon demo
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5.0.0 support added in R5.

Fixed some bugs in R6.

Bro, i really need your help. How can i post a thread? Or can i ask your help here maybe? i'll try, i am trying to use your multiplayer hack in the other hacks by using this method you made in this video, but it wont work anyway, the screen is getting white forever and i can't do anything. I am using project 1.6, but when i use your project64k the samething happens. Please help, i'll be very grateful.
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Revision 7 and 8 updated, with support for SSBU 7.0.0.

Updated to R9 with support for SSBU updates.
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Updated to R10 with ultimate difficulty bosses.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Randomizer (Current Version: R12)
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