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(22-09-2015, 06:01 PM)mib_f8sm9c Wrote: I hope you don't mind me poking around with this some more, I've just recently been doing some F3DEX2 work and I was interested to see if I could use what I've learned in this program.

I've been making a big mess of the code, but here's a before/after pic of what I've done so far:

[Image: JpberQn.png]

Where it works, it really seems to work, but there's still quite a few errors in it. I also need to play the actual game so I can compare the scaling of the textures.

I wish I knew the source to the wrong-texture-being-loaded issue.

That's a lot of progress which is amazing enough. If modding this game becomes easier to do like how it is for Super Mario 64, I will definitely jump ship to this game.

So I spent a bit more time and teased things out further.

[Image: tGfemBV.png]

[Image: pu1kCnY.png]

I figured out that wrong texture application, it was that it was only ever applying the last texture loaded onto any set of vertices loaded together. So if halfway through the vertex set it was supposed to switch textures, it would load the texture but not change the mesh map's texture.

There's a few more errors in this that need to be resolved:
-Bad uv values that cause the textures to blank out (value > 1 or value < -1)
-Texture orientations (see the stained glass on the castle)
-Texture scaling (this is a biggie)

But otherwise it's looking pretty darn good.
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This is amazing! It's good to see some progress and I wouldn't mind making a stage for mario kart 64.
Gone for a while.

This is really starting to look good. Aside from the Paper Mario 64 modding suite Clover is working on that I'm still waiting to use (COUGH COUGH), modding Mario Kart 64 would be the next best thing in my mind.
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[Image: 2wKJA6Y.png]

More progress.

[Image: 6zpWgHX.png]

FINALLY got the transparencies working (have I mentioned how much I hate OpenGL before? It drives me crazy), also got some texture orientation stuff done. Now it's down to the last two tasks, as well as some strange issue hounding the "Clamp to Edge" texturing style.

Okay, I put up a pull request. It's incomplete, but it's pretty close to the goal line. Despite the issues I bring up in the pull request, most of it works really well. I also fixed a few bugs that stopped some of the levels from rendering correctly.

[Image: af8tz4U.png]

I'm definitely going to be busy this week though, so if I do feel like finishing up the the graphics stuff it will have to be delayed until next week.

Awesome work, merged!
My threads are now being maintained here

I'm actually starting to get interested to see some custom levels loaded. I'm sure we're a few months away from that. The UV mapping looks great! Keep this motivation up Tongue

Agreed. I love seeing so many people enthused for this project. It seems to be enough momentum that more and more people are coming on!

is there some sort of list for planned features? im sure interested in making atleast one custom course for mario kart 64. i'd like to ready up some sort of concept for what i planned and a list like that would be quite nice for such a thing.

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