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12: Question 
I have multiple questions regarding SM64 hacking/TASing:

1- Why doesn't Mupen64 rerecording record inputs at the end of a record ?
For example, if I for 1000 frames (I take random numbers), the .m64 will only contain inputs for 100 frames. And so if I record less than 101 frames, the .m64 file will be "empty" (only contains the m64 header, no inputs at all).
I don't know if it is intented. If not, how can I overcome it ?

2- Why does SM64 editor (V2.2) kind of breaks the ROM ?
Savestates no longer works on a "patched" ROM from SM64 editor.
If I enable extended boudaries (as requested), Toadstools won't recognize it anymore. So I can't change items.
And if I enable the others improvements, the game won't load in any emulator, crashing for various reasons even if I set the memory size to 8MB in the settings.

3- How are continuous records/videos made ? I mean, how do you record and use savestates at the same time?
When I load a savestate, the record file doesn't take it into account.
I thought about stoping and restarting the record in another file each time I save/load a state, but the problem with recordings I talk about above prevents me from doing so since I will just end up with a bunch of "empty" records.

Thanks in advance

Regarding to 2:
Download a new SM64 U ROM and try again with an older version of SM64 Editor, like v1.9.3.

I tried to find older version, but always found inexistant threads on the forum. The only thing I found was a thread with a version 1.6 download link, but the link was invalid/expired...

Here is my public Hacking Tools folder:!1NdwGJrK!kwqaCdaTfsu__BUlloynyA

Check out the "SM64 Editor" Folder.

Tip: Right-Click to a folder and "Download" "as ZIP-File" to download whole folders.
Tip: Right-Click to a file and "Download" "Standard" to download a single file (unzipped).


Questions about Mupen, SM64 editor & toadstool....
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