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(01-01-2018, 09:22 PM)DaniXP2004 Wrote: How i can download or play it in my Wii? There is a wad or a form whitouth n64 emulators to play it?

I don't think you are able to play most SM64 hacks on Wii VC because the VC emulator doesn't support the expansion pak. You can see some discussion on the matter int the Dolphin/Wii VC thread.

Hey Skelux are you planning on adding Super Mario 64 Online support for your ROM hack. Because currently it doesn't work with Net64+, It works with SM64O but you can't play as Luigi or Yoshi. If you would add support officially that would be awesome!

(12-10-2017, 08:39 PM)BaconBoy Wrote: [Image: downbutton2.gif]

Thanks man! I clicked the button you told me to, and I'm back three months later to note that it really did work!

Just kidding, it gave me a virus which took hours to get rid of, and even when it was finally uninstalled it screwed with Chrome. I'm serious. I can't even uninstall Chrome to fix the problem. It basically modified Chrome's code so that when I click on any link or button on a site it opens up a pop up window. Now I'm using Firefox and as a web designer I'm slowly learning that this browser barely supports the CSS properties that Chrome supports, which makes it hard when your hobby is doing CSS for subreddits.

That being said, sm64hacks is back up so at least it's good. It seems to be down a lot though. I suggest Skellux find some new mirrors that aren't riddled with viruses.
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use malware bytes to remvoe the virus


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