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Start a new file, and you will not be able to level up or equip anything on any character.
This provides a significant challenge, while remaining possible.
Place files in the root of your modded Switch's sd card.

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Small update: Ghost Medal is now allowed to be equipped on Mario, since it gets auto-equipped when completing that side quest. Provides no benefit, since it doubles defense of which Mario's is zero.
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Just wanna update on my "playtest" of this mod: I'm up to Exor, some of the bosses until now were a little rng based. Ever since Land's End, all boss fights consist of spamming rock candy, star egg, red essences, hoping for freebies, and switching geno in and out as a reviver as a last resort. Hardest fight so far was Valentina, followed by Czar Dragon. Also of note, if you are having trouble with Mack: enter the fight with a full guage, and use Toad Assist to get a defense-up on either member. You need to be able to endure at least two flame walls in a row, he will do it sooner or later. Aside from that, just learn to perfect block all the other attacks, they are not too hard. Later in the game, keep Geno and Peach in your party when entering battles to manipulate turn order, and immediately switch to Mallow and Bowser who are more expendable.

Some other tips:
  • ​To farm red essence from the fat yoshi, give him 20 cookies, 20 again, then 10 because he will give a frog coin no matter what. Repeat this pattern. Also, if Boshi says the odds are 1.5:1, just reload the game, it's a waste of time. Highest I've seen is 10:1, and he frequently gives 2.5:1 or higher.
  • ​You MUST get star egg once it is available.
  • ​Don't miss your chance to buy up on Ice Bombs in seaside town like I did - they deal 140 damage, which definitely helps once you run out of rock candies. Can also farm them from jellyfish in nimbus castle, which I also missed.
  • ​When you run out of everything useful, switch Geno out for a dead body. Use Mario or Peach to attack, and when they die, use Geno to bring that character back to life. Switch Geno out of the party, hopefully before he is killed, and repeat the process. This can let you get several more hits in if you are lucky, provided you don't run out of Pick-Me-Ups.
  • ​In the Johnny fight, save all your red essences for the 1v1 phase
  • ​Before you have star egg, farming poison mushrooms can be a good alternative. Collect them by using yoshi cookies on the mushroom enemies in forest maze.
  • ​Another early-game tip - you actually need to spend some frog coins on party bracers and party energizers for once.

Best way to farm Ice Bombs, you can actually get them from the points shop in Moleville.
Buy "earlier times" from the frog coin shop in seaside town, and put geno and peach in your party.
Have 20 yoshi cookies on hand, then go fight one of the dog enemies in land's end, hoping a any enemy appears alongside it.
Use the yoshi cookie on the ant enemy for a royal syrup, then use earlier times to restart the fight. Keep doing this until you've swapped all your yoshi cookies for royal syrups.
Trade in the royal syrups in moleville for 30 points each, returning to mario's pad to restock when needed. Trade in those points for one ice bomb per 100 points.

Edit 2:
I made it all the way up to Smithy, and I think this is where the run ends. Without god-tier luck, I don't see a reasonable strategy for chipping down his 10k health over two phases. Maybe someone could come up with a good plan to make it work, but I've given up personally. Overall a really fun run.
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Super Mario RPG Remake Hard Mod
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