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Website Flash Games (Nintendo/Third-Party)
Animal CrossingMissing Most Files
Diddy Kong Racing DSComplete
Donkey Kong 64Missing Some Files
Donkey Kong CountryComplete
Donkey Kong Country GBCComplete
DK: Jungle ClimberComplete
DK: King of SwingComplete
Donkey KongaComplete
Elite Beat AgentsMissing Most Files
Luigi's MansionComplete
Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeMissing Most Files
Mario Kart: Double DashComplete
Mario PartyMissing Most Files
Mario Party AdvanceMissing Most Files
Mario Slam BasketballComplete
Mario StrikersComplete
Mario Tennis Power TourMissing Some Files
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2Complete
Metroid PrimeComplete
MySims AgentsMissing Some Files
Pokemon MinigamesComplete
Super Mario 64 DSComplete
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's IslandComplete
Super Mario Galaxy 2Missing Some Files
Super Monkey BallMissing Some Files
Super Monkey Ball 2Missing Some Files
Super Paper MarioMissing Some Files
Super Paper Mario (2)Missing Some Files
WarioWare: Smooth MovesMissing Some Files
Wario WorldComplete
Zelda: Minish CapComplete
Zelda: Phantom HourglassMissing Some Files
Zelda: Wind WakerComplete
Single-File Flash Games (Nintendo/Third-Party)
Animal Crossing: Wild World - TriviaComplete
Chibi Robo QuizComplete
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Barrel BlastapaloozaComplete
Dr. Mario / Puzzle LeagueComplete
Drill Dozer - Shifting 101Complete
Mario Party 7 - Bowser's Lair HockeyComplete
Mario Strikers - Heads UpComplete
Metroid Prime - TriviaComplete
Metroid Prime Hunters - Know Your EnemyComplete
Nintendogs Puppy QuizComplete
Odama - Crush and ConquerComplete
Polarium Puzzle ChallengeComplete
Pokemon Trozei - Learn to Play!Complete
Super Princess Peach - Parasol FallComplete
Tales of Phantasia ArcheryComplete
Tetris DSComplete
True Swing GolfComplete