3D AdventureA true spectacle of where modern technology has brought us.
3D Monster WorldA truly captivating tale which will have you in tears by the end.
4-in-1 MixFour quality games crammed into one little ball of joy.
Ball LandA game where you fly a stupid ball around with arms.
BombermanThe next big installment in the Bomberman franchise.
Duck Skater 3000Skate a drunken duck around and watch it explode into a pile of blood constantly.
GranteseThe very first game I completed, the name of which I just made out of random syllables.
Jetpak WorldButton-mashing madness!
Kuru ChallengeGuide the spinny thing to the end and learn about yourself!
Morrowind: A New BeginningA stunning HD remake of the classic Elder Scrolls game.
Planet HavokSpace Invaders on steroids.
Spunge BobHelp Garrie slay an endless army of Squibwods.
Dungeon WarriorYou are a warrior who is in dungeons.
The SimsThe life simulation game you all know and love.
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