Paper Mario Badge Tier List
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My Personal Rank of Badges based on usefulness and battle reliability. Constraints: Badges are used only by themselves (no "theoretical" sets), you are on max level (27).
I've also included some of the relevant Beta Badges if they were considered in the game.

SSS Rank
Bump Attack [Image: Bump_attack_badge.PNG]
Spin Attack [Image: Spin_attack_badge.PNG]
Earthquake Jump [Image: A_-_unused_Dizzy_Jump.PNG]

SS Rank
Power Bounce [Image: Power_bounce_badge.PNG]
Super Jump Charge [Image: S_jump_charge_badge.PNG]
Multibounce [Image: Multibounce_badge.PNG]
First Attack [Image: First_attack_badge.PNG]
Dodge Master [Image: Dodge_master_badge.PNG]
Happy Happy Heart [Image: A_-_unused_Happy_Heart.PNG]

S Rank
P-Down, D-Up [Image: P_down_D_up_badge.PNG]
P-Up, D-Down [Image: P_up_d_down_badge.PNG]
Damage Dodge [Image: Damage_dodge_badge.PNG]
All or Nothing [Image: All_or_nothing_badge.PNG]
Flower Saver [Image: Flower_saver_badge.PNG]
Power Plus [Image: Power_plus_badge.PNG]

A Rank
Perfect Command [Image: PAPER_MARIO_BETA_BADGE_0102.png]
Super Smash Charge [Image: S_smash_charge_badge.PNG]
Quick Changer [Image: Quick_change_badge.PNG]
Mega Rush [Image: Mega_rush_badge.PNG]
Lucky Day [Image: Lucky_day_badge.PNG]
Happy Heart [Image: Happy_heart_badge.PNG]
Happy Flower [Image: Happy_flower_badge.PNG]
Feeling Fine [Image: Feeling_fine_badge.PNG]
Defend Plus [Image: Defend_plus_badge.PNG]
D-Down Jump [Image: D_down_jump_badge.PNG]
D-Down Pound [Image: D_down_pound_badge.PNG]
Heart Finder [Image: Heart_finder.PNG]
Flower Finder [Image: Flower_finder_badge.PNG]
HP Plus [Image: Hp_plus_badge.PNG]
FP Plus [Image: FP_plus_badge.PNG]
Pretty Lucky [Image: Pretty_lucky_badge.PNG]
Speedy Spin [Image: Speedy_spin_badge.PNG]
Spike Shield [Image: Spike_sheild_badge.PNG]
Zap Tap [Image: Zap_tap_badge.PNG]
Total Economizing [Image: A_-_unused_Lucky_Day.PNG]

B Rank
Quake Hammer [Image: Quake_hammer_badge.PNG]
Power Rush [Image: Power_rush_badge.PNG]
Jump Charge [Image: Jump_charge_badge.PNG]
I Spy [Image: I_spy_badge.PNG]
Group Focus [Image: Group_focus_badge.PNG]
Ice Power [Image: Ice_power_badge.PNG]
Dizzy Stomp [Image: Dizzy_stomp_badge.PNG]
Dizzy Attack [Image: Dizzy_attack_badge.PNG]
Attack FX A [Image: Attack_fx_A_badge.PNG]
Attack FX B [Image: Attack_fx_B_badge.PNG]
Attack FX C [Image: Attack_fx_c_badge.PNG]
Attack FX D [Image: Attack_fx_D_badge.PNG]
Attack FX E [Image: Attack_fx_E_badge.PNG]
Attack FX F [Image: Attack_fx_F_badge.PNG]

C Rank
Anger's Power [Image: A_-_unused_mad.PNG]
Triple Dip [Image: Triple_dip_badge.PNG]
Spin Smash [Image: Spin_smash_badge.PNG]
Smash Charge [Image: Smash_charge_badge.PNG]
Sleep Stomp [Image: Sleep_stomp_badge.PNG]
Shrink Stomp [Image: Shrink_stomp_badge.PNG]
Runaway Pay [Image: Runaway_pay_badge.PNG]
Power Quake [Image: Power_quake_badge.PNG]
Power Jump [Image: Power_jump_badge.PNG]
Power Smash [Image: Power_smash_badge.PNG]
Pay-Off [Image: Pay_off_badge.PNG]
Money Money [Image: Money_money_badge.PNG]
Mega Jump [Image: Mega_jump_badge.PNG]
Mega Smash [Image: Mega_smash_badge.PNG]
Last Stand [Image: Last_stand_badge.PNG]
Fire Shield [Image: Fire_sheild.PNG]
Double Dip [Image: Double_dip_badge.PNG]
Triple Dip [Image: Triple_dip_badge.PNG]
Deep Focus [Image: Deep_focus_badge.PNG]
Close Call [Image: Close_call_badge.PNG]
Peekaboo [Image: Peekaboo_badge.PNG]

Wouldn't Even Bother Rank
Auto (Attack) in Succession [Image: A_-_unused_Multibounce.PNG]
Super Get [Image: A_-_unused_HP_drain.PNG]
Certain Kill Step [Image: A_-_unused_ultra_jump.PNG]
Certain Kill Strike [Image: A_-_unused_Ultra_Smash.PNG]
Hammer Charge 0 [Image: A_-_unused_smash_charge.PNG]
Jump Charge 0 [Image: A_-_unused_jump_charge.PNG]
Refund [Image: Refund_badge.PNG]
HP Drain [Image: Hp_drain_badge.PNG]
Hammer Throw [Image: Hammer_throw_badge.PNG]
Chill Out [Image: Chill_out_badge.PNG]
Slow Go [Image: Slow_go_badge.PNG]

In any given situation, I stick around the SSS-A Badges a lot. For anyone working on relocating the badges in your hack of PM, I would like for you to think of this tier list. Make the better badges harder to acquire while the poorer badges easier to find. In the current two hacks PM has on "Hard Mode," I didn't really have any trouble with the badges I listed. Thoughts?
[Image: e2TzCWP.gif?1][Image: k9lxoos.png]

Power Plus should be SS Rank because 1+ Attack is very good
Power Bounce should be SSS Rank because it's very helpful against bosses
Super Jump Charge should be SSS Rank because the attack is then very strong
Sound Badges to C
Mega Smash/Jump to B
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Paper Mario Badge Tier List
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