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Super Mario
​Star World

For a demo/prequel, check out Mario's Holiday!

Super Mario Star World is an upcoming DS port of Super Mario Star Road (N64).
Star World will feature gameplay and graphics far superior to its N64 counterpart,
and to top it off, many new levels and challenges throughout the game.
In this thread I will be posting updates on the progress of this game's development.

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One of the new levels is complete!

Does this seem vaguely familiar to anyone?

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The no-lives level is complete and functions as intended.

Main post progress updated.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=65]
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Large Leaf Forest is complete and now contains a new sub area! Additionally, the level exterior has been heavily revamped and contains one new star.

Main post updated.

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Sandy Slide Secret is complete, along with another level not included in the total.
I've also gone back and added vertex colouring to several older levels, bumping up the quality standard for this hack yet agian.
Furthermore, I've begun re-importing music with unique instrument sets, rather than repeatedly using the credits' instruments.

Main post updated.

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New preview is up:

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Here's a sample of the updated SMSRDS music.

I've launched a Patreon page for SMSRDS.

By supporting this project I'll be able to pack in more features, and you can also be granted access to exclusive playable demos!
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Something else of minor interest:

New preview, main progress counter updated.

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