What did you do today?
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Want to start to mention some small rules to this thread:

1. Don't start fights with other people. You can talk and argue, but don't throw insults at eachother, we got PMs for that.
2. Keep adult content to a minimum or replace any weird words with funky ones (like: I woodeladoodled my mate yesterday. yarr was that candybar good!)
3. Please check your grammar and spelling. Nobody likes to read something written in internet gibberish.

Now that's out of the way, feel free to post anything here about your day. Any progress? Cool, post it. Any relatives who won the lottery? Great, post it here so we can rob them!

Have fun! ;D
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Had the day off
Had lunch with me mum
Picked up me anxy pills
Played destiny for a tick (its quite repetitive but fun fyi)
Wondered why blarg hasn't made me a rom yet
Had dinner with me family
Seriously where is my rom
Played some more destiny

Woke up at 5:00
Took a shower, did homework
Went to school a bit past 7:00
Went home at 12:30 thanks to work experience class
Farted around for four hours
Wondered why blarg didn't make shygoo a rom
Went to work at 16:30
Socialised with my hot babes
Went home at 20:00
Wrote a schedule on this board
Ran out of things to say

Went to my college drawing class
Ate lunch and watched The Simpsons
Downloaded the new SM64 Level Importer and messed about with the various new tweaks
Played GTA 5 Online and listened to some 8-year-old begging for players to give him in-game cash (lololol)
Had dinner
Played Mario Party 3 Duel Mode with my brother. I won the first game and he won the second
Messed with the new tweaks again
Posted this
The end. Whee.
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What did you do today?
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