Poll: Do you like the SM64 Area Importer?
Yes, I love it. I use it often. The tool is perfect.
Yes, I like it. I use it sometimes.
It's okay, but I don't need it.
No, it's not the best tool. It inclueds some errors.
No, it's shit and nobody nedd this!

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WARNING: Since SM64 Editor 2.1.2 the SM64 Area Importer isn't working anymore. Use v1.9.5 or v2.1. The best choise is 1.9.3 or 2.0.7. Also you can use my SM64 ROM Manager once it's released.

Area Importer is something that let you have up to 8 different areas one Level.
Now it's possible using my SM64 Area Importer!
Download, import and have fun!!! Smile


Here some links:
​Download Version 3.1 (Latest) (Show File on Virustotal)
​Page on my website


System requirements:
- Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
- Linux (using WineHQ)
- MaxOS 10 or higher (using WineHQ)


Watch a Video:


​Show Changelog
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​Goto Downloadpage

- Faster Importing
- Updated Updater etc.
- Updated Importerfiles
- Fixed Alpha-Textures of Area 1 in Area 2
- Some bug fixes
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​Goto Downloadpage

​VERSION 1.3.1
- Fixed broken levelscript
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I'm making Version 1.4.
This version will be released this week (i don't know exaktly when).

This feautures will be in V1.4:
- Some bug fixes
- A Collision-Tab
- You'll can set death bloor
- You'll can select the music from a list incase to input the music-id
- It will supports transparent textures
- You'll can read Settingsfiles from the importer
- You'll can Revert an Area
- And some other things ...

Version 1.4 is released! (Download at Mainpost)

Spoiler: Changelog 1.4
- Added death floor
- Now you can have alpha-textures
- Added new Environment-Effects
- Added "Collision"-Tab
- Removed option "Imports Faster"
- Now it's possible to load levelsettings-files of the importer
- New messagebox' and notifications
- Fixed broken levelscript
- Fixed broken geolayout
- Added "Revert all dialog settings" to the Settings
- Updated ALL importerfiles
- Fixed some other bugs

Whats about Version 2.0?
Now, i'm working on Version 2.0. I will insert new importcodes for better compatibly and better stably.
I will also insert Area 3 + Area 4! Also i will make mutch other bugfixes!
Version 2.0 is comming in the next two weeks!
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I found and fixed the problem that the Area Importer not starts.
I updated all public links! Download again and V1.4 works.


Version 2.0 is upcomming next week, 100%-ly!

This is the current changelog for version 2.0:
- Rewritten complet import-code
 --> You're now able to import to area 3 + 4
- Rewritten mutch other codes
- More flexible:
 You're able to set the count object/warps per area
- Removed support for level 5 (HH)
- Added "Revert Area" (in progress)
- Fixed broken Collision-Settings
- Fixed looping act selector
- Now you can use the same name-codes for material-names
 like in the SM64 Editor (like "_ref")
- Fixed problems with alpha-textures
- Fixed "Preview Model" (in progress)
- Fixed mutch bugs
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Alright, this is gonna be awesome! I've been holding off on downloading 'till 2.0 and now I'm ready! Big Grin

Yes, it's real!
SM64 Area Importer (V2.0) is released!

​Goto the Main-Post for Download!

UPDATE: V2.0.2

I only removed the hardcodet Max Rom Offsets.
Now the Area Importer is goint to read it from the 0x17 comand.
I also fixed a other minor bug.

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