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yet another stuck bug by unseen block
after all mobs were killed in easy dungeon's room

as you can see, these happened in succession for 2 days in the same room (5x6)
it might be reproducible bug


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i happened to find the cause of dungeon bug and workaround.

it was "who's online" window when entering dungeon (by clicking invitation scroll)
that window will disapper automatically once entered dungeon (and reappear after returned to surface), but during dungeon its actually not closed but just hidden.  
it stays open in back ground.

how did i noticed this ?
when i got dungeon shop bug, i had to close shop window. then "who's online" window has been brought back by chance. (this doesn't always happen)
so i closed it and tried shopping again... and voila !! clicking 'ok' worked at last and i could buy items.

... and second dungeon bug of 'unseen block' either didn't happen after that.


​[to avoid those 2 dungeon bugs]
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1) i can't plant seed.

2) all 3 treasure boxes of dungeon won't open
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2 serious issues

my case
1) stackable items (when picked up) are not stored properly. they appear separated in inv and eventually they will disappear.

from other player's
2) all npc who could give quest aren't working. he said 'job' button has no response.
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Jobs fixed.

I am unable to recreate the bug with stacking items, can you record it?
Most likely the items are going into one of your containers, and mistakenly also appearing in your inventory. I'll fix this soon.

exactly that happens.
for example, i picked seeds or herbs up, there are already them put in containers in my inv but appears to the empty slot of inv instead.
then, after 1min or so, all of split ones disappear.

recording ? does it mean recording movies like mp4 ?
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Check inside the container, you will see the number go up. The item that appears in your inventory is fake.

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